Craigmalloch Border Collies

Lucy and Stuart bring their love of the Border Collie and traditional sheep herding to audiences all over Florida and beyond. Their herding demonstrations educate and entertain promoting the working Border Collie and other working dogs, showcasing sheep breeds rarely seen in Florida and presenting an activity that the average person would probably never see.

These dynamic presentations elicit delight in the faces of children and fascination in adults. Craigmalloch Border Collies encourage audience participation and help spectators understand the uses of Border Collies in the care and maintenance of the herd. These energetic and intelligent animals have been the right hand of the sheep farmer for centuries and have been dominant as the world’s most intelligent dog.

"The Ettrick Shepherd" (James Hogg 1772-1835) immortalized the Shepherd’s Dog by saying, “...without the sheepdog, the mountainous lands of England and Scotland would not be worth a sixpence. It would require more hands to manage a flock of sheep and drive them to market than the profits of the whole were capable of maintaining.”

Lucy and Stuart, along with their Border Collies, have a small flock of Scottish Blackface sheep and horned Dorsets in Grant-Valkaria, Florida.