Boulder Boogie

Once upon a time, ancient Scots discovered rocks. They got so excited they stacked 'em, laid roads with 'em, made cairns to remember great battles and chieftains, built cool castles, stacked a bunch more, crowned kings on one, dropped some on the heads of invading neighbors, then stacked some upright so a thousand years later people would see them and ask, "Wha' they do that for?"

Then one day while waiting for health clubs to be invented, a stout Scotsman picked up a big rock and took it for a walk, and his arms and legs and heart got stronger and stronger… Which brings us to your challenge: The Boulder Boogie. Basically, pick up a big rock and walk as far as you can…'til you drop it! This feat of strength, endurance and possible public humiliation is open to lads and lasses 16 and up with each having three different sizes of Boulder to challenge thus winning unique prizes and dubious titles.. This is an ongoing event throughout the weekend of the Central Florida Scottish Highland Games on the Ceremony Field. The contest is free to join, but a release of liability will be required when you sign up. We’ll no’ be responsible if you get bested by a boulder.

Any questions may be directed to Coordinator Boulder Boogie

Current Boulder Boogie Field Record Holders

Brandon Smith, "Lord of the Trolls" (326lbs, 200ft) Brandon Smith Lord of the Trolls

Mikey MoralesTroll King (242lbs, 486ft) Troll King Mike Morales

Mikey MoralesTroll Prince (178lbs, 1009ft) Troll Prince Mikey Morales

Amy HartmanGoddess of the Trolls (178lbs, 134ft) Goddess of the Trolls Amy Hartman

Loxie AllanTroll Queen (126lbs, 575ft) Loxie Allan

Eden AllenTroll Princess (94lbs, 1209ft) Troll Princess Eden Allen