Any questions during the games please stop by the Society Tent located next to the Ceremony Field.

Please keep in mind that multiple events may be occuring at the same time.

Please refer to the Games Program (available at the games) for a complete list of events. Event times and locations are subject to change due to weather or unforseen circumstances.

2018 Schedule


Time Location Event
5:00 pm Hilton HotelWhisky Tasting
7:00 PMHilton HotelSponsors' Reception
8:00 PMHilton HotelScottish Country Dancing
8:30 PMHilton HotelMusic (Open to Everyone)


Time Location Event
8:00 AMMain GateGates Open
All DayBannockburnHighland Dancing
Medieval Camp
Axe Throwing
Solo Pipe Competitions
Various TimesCeremony FieldBoulder Boogie
09:30Lochside StageBreakers
10:00Lochside StageAlbannach
10:00Highland Stage (Trad)Men Of Worth
11:00Ceremony FieldBorder Collies
11:00Lochside Stage Screaming Orphans
11:30Lochside StageOff Kilter
12-1:00 pmCeremony FieldOpening Ceremonies
1:00Lochside StageBreakers
1:00Highland Stage (Trad)Men Of Worth
1:30Ceremony FieldShortbread Judging
1:45Lochside StageScreaming Orphans
3:00Highland Stage (Trad)Ennis Pruitt
3:15Lochside StageAlbannach
3:30Ceremony FieldBorder Collies
4:00Lochside StageOff Kilter
5:00Ceremony FieldClosing Ceremonys
5:00Lochside StageBreakers
6:15Lochside StageAlbannach
7:00Lochside StageOff Kilter
8:00Lochside StageScreaming Orphans


Time Location Event
8:45 AMMain GateGates Open
All DayBannockburnHighland Dancing
Heavy Athletics
Axe Throwing
Various TimesCeremony FieldBoulder Boogie
09:00Ceremony FieldKirkin of the Tartan
10:00Lochside StageOff Kilter
10:00Highland Stage (Trad)Ennis Pruitt
10:30Lochside StageScreaming Orphans
11:00Ceremony FieldBorder Collies
11:00Highland Stage (Trad)Men Of Worth
11:30Lochside StageAlbannach
12:00 pmLochside StageWyndBreakers
2:00Lochside StageScreaming Orphans
2:15Highland Stage (Trad)Men Of Worth
3:00Lochside StageOff Kilter
3:15Ceremony FieldBorder Collies
4:00Lochside StageAlbannach
4:30Ceremony FieldClosing Ceremonies